A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is the prototype for a surfing game I am making. Inspired by the surfing mini-game in "California games".

The next step will be to decide on an art-style, and have different looking waves to create some variation. I am going to make several different boards, ranging from various "real" looking boards to crazy cartoon boards.

Ride the wave as long as possible and do tricks to earn a high-score, collect coins to buy new boards. 

Keyboard controls - Arrow keys to steer

Gamepad controls - Dpad or analog stick to steer

Pick up the floating time tokens to do tricks for extra score and to extend the timer

Use the "delete save" button if you wish to start over with a new name, no money and no highscores.


Surf_win.zip 114 MB
Surf_OSX.zip 134 MB


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